Friday, May 29, 2015

Blackhead Pimple Blemish Remover Tool

I received this product thinks change for my unbiased and honest review. Everything I see this post is my own opinion. If you're having trouble getting rid of those blackheads and acne- I have found the product for you! This blemish remover safely removes blemishes without leaving scars. This tool was constructed properly- it does not  wobble and has no sharp edges so if her hand slips a bit, then it won't cut you. This is a two sided device one side is a Blackhead Precision Loop and the other is a Whitehead Flat Loop. I've always wanted to try one of these since I saw the strangely satisfying videos of people having to medically get theirs removed. Don't judge me- it was late and I was on the other side of YouTube that you don't really know how you got there. I really did like this product and it was a good price, so I would recommend. 


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